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So that you can deal with the scanner in WinForms with C# in graphic school, we’re going to use WIA API.

Microsoft windows graphics order (WIA) occasionally generally known as Computers running windows imagery design) happens to be a Microsoft drivers version and product developing user interface (API) for Microsoft House windows 2000 and soon after os’s that enables artwork programs to speak with imaging hardware particularly readers, digital cameras and Digital Video-equipment.

WIA tends to make easy to tool programmers, unit manufacturers, and scanner users who are in need of to interact with imaging hardware.

The API set reveals imaging methods to still design acquisition electronics usability by providing support for:

  • Enumeration of accessible image purchase systems (put in scanners in house windows).
  • Generating connections to several products simultaneously.
  • Querying hotels of products in a typical and expandable method.
  • Buying appliance information by making use of typical and powerful shift systems.
  • Maintaining looks land across facts transmit.
  • Notice of hardware position and search celebration controlling.

Here, you’ll learn just how to adjust an image scanner through WIA with C#.


  • Optical school >= 2007 (we are going to incorporate Visual workplace area)
  • a mounted and practical scanner

Let us begin !

1. put in the WIA guide

Produce a WinForms venture with all the up-to-the-minute .NET system variation (or an oldtime C# visualize). Consequently check out reference the Microsoft windows picture Acquisition COM part right from aesthetic business. A Component subject design (COM) are a platform-independent, distributed, object-oriented method for making digital application parts that can interact. .NET factors can label and connect with COM parts.

Go right to the remedy explorer based in the finest best place of graphic school and create suitable select assembling your project, then select mix > address.

Through the emergent gap, choose COM solution into the put diet plan and investigate the Microsoft computers running Windows picture acquiring collection v2.0 and click on okay.

When you finally touch okay, the referral will be added onto your project. You now really need to adjust the Embed Interop sorts house of this WIA aspect of False . With graphic work go to the remedy Explorer and choose assembling your shed, next within project visit mention within the tree perspective element and seek WIA. Select the WIA address and search for the implant Interop sort option within the homes section and place this benefits to False :

Now you can utilize WIA in the plan.

2. detailing scanner equipment

To set the systems, you should collect checklist from the DevicesManager subject of WIA. As 1st step, you must transfer the WIA part in code in first place on your own course:

Next merely iterate throughout the appliance boss to listing the tools:

The belongings object keeps more land like identification , interface , vendor and Type , go to MSDN page the WIA device info classroom for details.

3. making use of a gadget to scan

Saving the scanned graphics you’ll want to transfer below varieties:

Then the reason to make use of the scanner may be the following:

  1. Restore a DeviceInfo case of the scanner that you like to Inmate dating app make use of.
  2. Hook up to the scanner utilising the DeviceInfo instance.
  3. Select the scanner through the feature with index 1 within gear home making use of the connection instance.
  4. Make use of the shift approach to the selected scanner and offer as basic point the output format on the scanned impression.
  5. Save the returned looks reports to a file.

The earlier reason happens to be used aided by the next rule. We will choose basic offered scanner regarding the process therefore we’ll observe the prior algorithmic rule:

The approach to consider the scanner following use the rest of rule to get started the checking system can be difficult should you not handle it precisely. We recommend one including to add a List Box items your version and append the latest items that presents title and DeviceInfos subject too (you will see a sample at the end of the article).

If you decide to try it, the signal will work while the scanner will start, however the graphics would be incompleted of all of this scanners. That’s because all of us did not fix any of the usual characteristics of scanner, you will learn to kick in the following run.

4. Transforming WIA properties

There are a few modifiable land of WIA such as the checking distance and level, along with function etc. To set this attributes, we have to collect the property of this WIA.Properties type after which specify the latest worth. Transfer the specified varieties as fundamental:

All of the following means AdjustScannerSettings will established some elementary attributes with the helper features SetWIAProperty , so it will be just work at minimal anxious regarding the checking products. Remember that one should create a scanner item as initial quantity within the AdjustScannerSettings (the scanner chose and assigned to a variable through the factor with crawl 1 inside equipment residence utilizing the association instance) approach while the other guidelines which can be noted in features.


Don’t forget WIA has a lot of homes constants you could modify and therefore perhaps or not available on various checking systems (example to change the horizontal solution make use of consistent 6147 ), investigate after MSDN page to learn more.

It really worth saying again, that will be your decision the customization associated with the residential properties, but you can expect we straightforward approach to individualize them with the SetWIAProperty way.

Ultimately, to start out the read effectively you just need to carry out the AdjustScannerSettings system vendor initialization belonging to the scanner (mixing the 3 and 4):

5. seizing exclusions

WIA applications options can put exclusions that could be determined through oversight requirements. The menu of oversight limitations can be obtained from the forms of WIA from inside the MSDN web site right here. To address the errors of WIA, find the COMException target. Make the time to transfer before the InteropServices form:

After which wrap the laws which uses WIA inside a try-catch statement. You may recognize the problem with all the ErrorCode residence of this exemption, but remember to convert they to its uint counsel with a purpose to contrast they aided by the mistakes rules from the stand in MSDN.

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