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Exactly Exactly How Koreans Determine Personalities Through Bloodstream Types

For folks who haven’t noticed, Koreans have a tendency to stereotype personalities that are individual bloodstream kinds. Needless to say, none of those are scientifically proven so they really should not literally be taken. All just for fun it’s the same as trying to predict the future through astrological signs or tarot readings—it’s. But you’ll be astonished with exactly just just how accurate several of those faculties may be.

Here’s a basic break down of just how Koreans see each blood kind along side some superstars whom belong under each category.


People who have kind a bloodstream are recognized to become more conservative and introverted compared to the other people, usually finding trouble in expressing feelings or trusting others. They’re acutely patient, considerate, and reserved, but additionally very imaginative and perfectionists, frequently offering individuals the impression to be stubborn, tight, and uptight.

Males with type a blood are reported to be the friendly ones that are natured good characters. They’re extremely punctual, constantly anticipating the greatest leads to every thing they are doing, but they are also really delicate and prepared to stop every thing they’ve for everyone they love. For their natures that are sensitive they’re extremely fragile-hearted and frequently get hurt effortlessly.

The women, but, are usually really greedy and have now a difficult time finding satisfaction effortlessly. They’re strong prides usually cause them to work emotionless. But, they’re extremely faithful and caring, which regularly leads to jealousy that is extreme psychological damage upon feeling betrayed. They choose residing in accordance with schedule, are intimidated by spontaneity, and feel distress in unexpected ecological modifications.

***Best match: Type O

Known superstars consist of: Big Bang’s G-Dragon, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, F(x)’s Krystal, and Jay Park


People who have type B bloodstream are considered the passionate, crazy, and creative people for the four. They’re separate, but additionally really passionate concerning the social individuals and things they love. They tend to imagine outside of the package and live really angelreturn liberal lifestyles instead than restricting by themselves to a single environment. But, they could additionally get impatient and give up effortlessly, frequently coming down to be sluggish, self-centered, superficial, and reckless.

Males with type B blood have negative track record of their strong prides and self-centered characters. They hate those that underestimate their abilities or are not able to provide them with the interest they desire. But, they’re extremely smart and popular because of the love of life, autumn in love easily but just lose interest since fast, and have a tendency to work before they believe. They’re liars that are good and usually get frustrated when asked to accomplish one thing.

The ladies, very little different from the guys, hate being controlled by guidelines and have a tendency to speak their minds, it doesn’t matter what each other might feel, but could additionally get suffering from their emotions that are own, causing constant swift changes in moods. They have a tendency to obtain bored and weary quickly, making spontaneity an essential aspect in their everyday lives—this additionally causes it to be hard to keep long-lasting relationships. They hate accessory or becoming restricted to 1 area, even though they’re perhaps not easy and simple to anger, they are able to get exceptionally stoic and now have trouble finding comfort.

***Best match: Type AB

Famous a-listers consist of: actress Jun Jihyun, star Lee Seunggi, Big Bang’s TOP, SNSD’s Jessica and Yoona


People who have kind O bloodstream are outgoing, energetic, positive, and considered to be normal leaders. They like speaking their minds while keeping an attitude that is friendly and still have high confidence that leads them become extremely ambitious and enthusiastic about success. They convince by themselves that they’re champions and hate losing. Additionally they are usually dramatic, arrogant, insensitive, and ruthless, but are proven to get the best characters from the four bloodstream kinds. They frequently have a tendency to tire themselves away because of their have to take care of every person around them.

Guys with bloodstream kind O are incredibly sensitive and painful, psychological, and have a tendency to trust effortlessly. They’re extremely conscious and critical of the environments and revel in taking part in team tasks, which emphasizes the active and leadership abilities they posses. They frequently hide their feelings and locate it difficult to convey them because of anxiety about rejection.

The ladies, nevertheless, are particularly active and good, but additionally incredibly bold and unanticipated. They lose control over their anxiety effortlessly and wind up getting hurt or experience loneliness more regularly than others. Nonetheless, they’re exceedingly and often treat others’ dilemmas as though these people were unique. They may look strong on the exterior, but they’re really poor and fragile and choose being in a little team instead than big people.

***Best match : Type A

Famous superstars consist of: Figure Skater Kim Yuna, Hyuna, SNSD’s Taeyeon, and star Kim Woobin


Individuals with bloodstream kind AB are recognized to be either the genius or even the psycho people regarding the team. As they might look active on the exterior, they could be really delicate and bashful, but in addition exceptionally noisy and strong. They’re logical thinkers with strong concentration abilities and generally are more managed by their minds in place of their hearts. They are able to also be timid and aloof, indecisive, and often distance by themselves from other people, leading some social individuals to think about them as two-faced, untrustworthy, and unpredictable.

Males with type AB bloodstream can come across as often cool and distant on very very first conferences. Nevertheless, they’re more caring than a lot of people and tend to be constantly the ones that is first to. They provide through to things easily, usually jumping around from 1 activity to another, and conform to brand new surroundings excessively quickly. Because they’re people that are extremely shy they have a tendency to full cover up their emotions and sometimes run into as emotionally detached. Individuals often don’t connect all of them with trustworthy traits to start with, but discover that they’re very truthful and romantic with those they’re most comfortable with.

Females with kind AB bloodstream tend to be two-faced—they’re really interested in other peoples’ organizations, but hate disclosing some of their very own and often like being kept alone. They may be exceptionally considerate and caring at times, but additionally extremely selfish, impatient, and suspicious of other individuals. They’re more free and unaffected by their surroundings than reserved, and as they may well not appear to be it, they’re excessively at risk of their emotions.

***Best match: Type AB

Known a-listers consist of: 2PM’s Taecyeon, EXO’s BaekHyun, Girls Day Hyeri, and star Kim Soohyun

People also like associating these character faculties whenever compatibility that is determining along with other people. Here’s a chart showing the portion of compatibility between each bloodstream kind. Again, none of those are scientifically proven so that it’s constantly better to avoid placing emphasis that is heavy them.

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