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As they was a group, they merely noticed one another as the co-workers as opposed to relatives.

Not surprisingly, Clover’s teammates did seem to be sad on his death.

Ironwood’s Class

Clover is a member of Ironwood’s group, whose first goal is actually going to heal global communications by replacing the fresh CCTS by using Amity Colosseum as the an effective satellite and you can share with the world throughout the Salem. Consequently, he was among James Ironwood’s safest some body.

Atlas Academy

Clover are a student during the Atlas and you will graduated as an associate of military.

Ironwood’s Category

James Ironwood

Ironwood is actually Clover’s superior. Clover had high faith and you will held admiration to own him. During the “With Friends Like these”, despite hearing Ruby’s warning, Clover did not betray Ironwood and you may are ready to pursue his extremist steps and simply take Qrow. Just after explaining to Qrow as to the reasons the guy wouldn’t betray Ironwood owed it their believe during the your, he had been murdered from the Tyrian Callows. Right before he died however, Clover appeared to renounce his support to Ironwood and wanted Qrow best wishes which have closing him.

Ace Operatives

Vine Zeki

Vine is Clover’s teammate.

Elm Ederne

Elm is actually Clover’s teammate. Inside “Since the A lot more than, Thus Less than”, the two express a casual handshake just before losing down seriously to Mantle to quit the new Grimm attack.

Harriet Bree

Harriet try Clover’s teammate, not is will be interpreted that there is some thing better ranging from the two of them. The new cause for this is really because Harriet appeared to be a whole lot more upset more Clover’s passing than just she’d become when they was basically in fact only teammates.

Within the “War”, Rest Ren verifies together with Semblance that Clover’s passing impacted Harriet a great deal more than she assist on the.

Marrow Amin

“Don’t get Marrow.”

Marrow was Clover’s teammate. When you look at the “Pomp and Scenario”, Marrow is actually demonstrated to look-up to help you Clover, imitating their terms and pose whenever making brand new Schnee Dust Company Exploit #dos.

Clover located humor in the Marrow’s en iyi niЕџ tanД±Еџma uygulamalarД± much more childlike choices, chuckling in the him since Marrow drastically tells an enthusiastic Atlas Soldier exactly what taken place regarding exploit.

Group STRQ

Qrow Branwen

Qrow and Clover credit cards

Clover along with his cluster apprehended Qrow inside the Mantle, after the their not authorized arrival in a keen airship. Since the group was launched, Clover along with his people apologized toward miscommunication, providing first off more. Clover is described as the kind of person who Qrow constantly planned to become. Early in their friendship, Qrow did not love Clover and found your frustrating. [1]

Later, within the “Adept Operatives”, both began development a relationship, having been tasked to your mission toward Schnee Soil Organization Mine #2 along with her. Qrow assist Clover find out about his Semblance out of delivering bad luck, that Clover comforted your of the advising Qrow never to overcome himself up-over one thing and you can jokingly winks during the your.

Clover respected Qrow, telling your that his Semblance will not define him, noting that Qrow is an excellent part model for how the guy motivated and educated their nieces. Qrow began to warm up on the son because of this out of your leading it away.

Inside the “Sparks”, Qrow and you can Clover was viewed credit cards with her, where Clover informed Qrow the children was fortunate they’d him, and suggests Qrow not to deviate comments.

not, when Clover offered to go along with Ironwood’s plan during the Terrible Circumstances Condition, Qrow looked at him from inside the wonder, resulting in some distance to grow between the two. [2]

Just before the fight, Clover tried to rating Qrow to show himself more under control to assist Robyn in “Which have Family members Such as these”. Qrow retaliates by the accusing Clover regarding influencing him. Clover had no tip whom he was up against having Tyrian Callows and thought of Qrow since the huge danger whilst believing that he was becoming controlled from the Tyrian Callows. As a result, he watched both Qrow and you may Tyrian into wrong edge of regulations and you can decided he previously to battle all of them no matter what. [3]

Both grew close adequate that when Tyrian murdered Clover with Qrow’s weapon, Harbinger, one Qrow entirely broke off, declaring a bloodstream-curdling purpose so you can kill the scorpion Faunus in the payback. Qrow found it in love he had satisfied such a genuinely an effective individual. [4]

Adopting the Clover’s passing, Qrow kept their Clover badge to consider your by the in the “The new Adversary from Faith”. Whenever Qrow tries to prevent a-bomb out of ruining Mantle from inside the “The final word”, the guy uses Clover’s badge to aid your handle his Semblance and you may thank-you your having enabling your prevent it.

Party RWBY

Ruby Flower

Ruby is actually one of many some one the fresh new Expert-Ops seized in the Mantle. Following the the lady discharge, the group apologized on trouble considering their miscommunications. Clover and you may Ruby planned brand new purpose for the Schnee Dirt Business Mine #dos together with her along with Qrow and you will Jaune Arch. Following the an experience having an effective Geist, Clover says to Qrow the guy thinks one to their niece is fairly talented.

Happier Huntresses

Robyn Slope

Clover and you may Robyn seemed to involve some records with her, that have a feeling of familiarity with both.

From inside the “Sparks”, Robyn banned the newest companion Clover is assigned to sample the brand new Schnee Dirt Company Exploit #dos, demanding to learn as to the reasons Dust supplies aren’t being made available to Mantle. Clover attempted to overlook the companion since the a beneficial usual yearly examine-upwards, however, his bluff is viewed courtesy. This conflict end in a great standoff between the Happy Huntresses and you will Clover’s category. Clover reminded her she will be able to learn through the correct judge avenues, claiming a battle would not bode her election well, leading to Robyn to let him or her by way of. Before you leave, Clover really desired Robyn good luck on elections.

Its matchmaking turned bad during the “With Family Like these”, whenever Robyn accused Clover out of aiding Ironwood, whom she views once the a great tyrant, as he tried to soundly stop Qrow. Clover attempted to talk this lady off before she assaulted your. Once the airship crashed, Clover attempted to rating Qrow to show themselves off to help the woman.

Once Clover was killed, Robyn spotted Qrow since most useful Hunter of the two. She stated that it was not given that he came out live, however, while the Qrow in fact decided to challenge to complete suitable issue.

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